White Tiger LG

Size: H31.5cm including base x 34.5cm x 17cm

Robed in tongues of celestial flame, the magnificent White Tiger displays ferocity, pride and valour as it guards its quadrant of the west. Powerful muscles appear to ripple under its pelt, a testament to Xu Xiao Yong’s prowess in sculpture subtly enhanced by casting in fine pewter. As it steps off its bronze-hued composite resin base, a rumbling growl is almost palpable.

Whilst undeniably fearsome, the tiger manifests powerful yin characteristics; care, prudence and intuition, traits especially conducive to commerce. As guardian, it is symbolic of autumn, dusk, and the element of metal.

About the collection
Xu Xiao Yong, lauded as one of China’s top sculptors, presents his interpretation of the Four Symbols, benevolent guardians of the cosmos.