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Winnie the Pooh

Pooh’s idyllic lifestyle and adventures with his friends continue to captivate and delight fans everywhere.

Royal Selangor celebrates the world of the lovable bear with a big heart and an even bigger appetite.

Limited Edition Pooh & Piglet Figurine

Pooh and Piglet natter away affectionately on their stroll.

A limited edition of 1,500 individually numbered pieces worldwide. In pewter.

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Limited Edition Gilt Pooh & Piglet Figurine

A limited edition of 300 individually numbered pieces worldwide. In 24K gilt pewter.

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Pooh & Tigger Bookend Pair

Friends forever! Pooh and Tigger will always have each other for support, even when studying their reflections. Let the two help keep the books vertically organised and in place so that they don’t easily tip.

Bookends in pewter, on bases of composite resin.

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Poohsticks Table Clock

A very relaxed Pooh lies comfortably on his belly while working on perfecting his Poohsticks game technique.

In pewter, inset with a diminutive clock perfectly sized for the nursery. Space is available for personalisation.

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Piglet Spork

Piglet does his best to channel Pooh’s courage as he floats another delicious mouthful to Junior.

In pewter, with a stainless steel spork.

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Tigger Spork

Tigger’s confidence may coax the fussiest of eaters into giving
anything a try.

In pewter, with a stainless steel spork.

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Pooh Tooth Box

Lifting the adorable pewter bear reveals he’s hiding a tiny container for equally tiny teeth or other miniscule treasures.

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